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Shungite Fullerenes


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The Shungite stone carbon matrix is commonly classified as “C60“ on the mineral scale. Thus, it is significantly stronger than coal carbon used for heating, old steam trains, and other things but also processed and converted. There is also a type of carbon manufactured by factories to create the carbon in your water filters. That carbon is classified at a much lower number than C60, and is rarely stronger than 8 or 9. This lower form of carbon is manufactured and normally made to filter water and other types of substances in order to purify with a process called reverse osmosis. Shungite stone rating at much higher, has the ability to do a huge amount of better things for primarily carbon based organisms.

So, what is the difference between both types of carbon really?

Here’s the physical difference. The “Natural” Shungite stone carbon with it’s complex matrix of physical properties is much more fluid in its ability to react to different unnatural substances that come around it. As a matter of fact it is said to have the ability to neutralize harmful forms of negative energy by its natural type of “forcefield” for your body when used in the proper ways. This “forcefield” makes the difference between manufactured, or granulated carbon, as opposed to actual Shungite.

types of carbon


How does this “forcefield” work?

The Shungite benefits of the carbon matrix with it’s complicated form of intertwined molecules called Shungite Fullerenes, actually attract and neutralize different unnatural elements that subtly attack our bodies everyday. These elements we normally don’t see, but they’re there, and are attracted to carbon based life forms. Carbon based life forms include humans, animals, plants, and anything to do with a living body. This could also be the the trees outside in your yard. All of these carbon based life forms seem to be the most absorbent to both positive, and negative frequencies. Our bodies will be susceptible to unnatural elements such as radiation (EMF radiation yet there are more to be discussed in another article). EMF stands for Electrical-Magnetic Frequencies which is a type of radiation. These frequencies come from anything as simple as your cellular phone, or an electrical tower standing above your home.

emf radiation


We’ve all been warned about precautions we should take from using cell phones, we’ve all seen the evidence in infrared results how it effects the brain. The link for extra knowledge in this is here:
Cell phones work by sending signals to (and receiving them from) nearby cell towers (base stations) using RF waves. This is a form of electromagnetic energy that falls between FM radio waves and microwaves. Like FM radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and heat, RF waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation. They don’t have enough energy to cause cancer by directly damaging the DNA inside cells. RF waves are different from stronger (ionizing) types of radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet (UV) light, which can break the chemical bonds in DNA.

Do we understand what EMF actually does to our bodies?

The majority of individuals have heard about it, but simply don’t care for one reason or another.
We work with electricity everyday. Since the discovery of electricity, we’ve been using it to solve daily needs which were once issues. What was at one time a difficult problem to keep light in a house, now is piped through electrical lines, and sent to us for a fee. Electricity, and electric towers produce EMF. Now we have solar panels, cell phones, and televisions that produce EMF right in our homes. It seems a harmless thing.

Have we taken electricity fore-granted?

In effect, we’ve really had no idea what electricity does to our bodies for decades until now, but we do know what it does for our daily needs. Electricity is our daily help for accomplishing even the smallest tasks we need in order to keep our work and play functioning properly. Thereby we omit any danger that we can’t see. That’s the whole key of not knowing how EMF will harm the body.

A simple cell phone emits EMF radiation straight into your brain, and through your protective skull because it travels through the soft tissue of your ear canal. It spreads through the soft tissue in your head and invades every cell it comes into contact with. This radiation can stay there in your head for no predicted amounts of time. Will it disapate? Let me encourage you to do some research on the 2011 Fukashima, Japan incident, or the 1986 Chernobyl incident.

emf radiation

Chernobyl, the City of Pripyat 20 years after the meltdown


Once upon a time, Pripyat was a happy city. The smell of success was in the air. People were prosperous, and happy. All at once, the people where warned that they had only an hour to get their belongings and leave their beautiful homes because the nuclear station Chernobyl was melting down. There was a catastrophe happening, and killing those inside the plant which could not be simply stopped. Thousands were loaded on buses, trains, and any vehicle able to carry them, and taken to an area resembling a refugee camp to be sorted, and reorganized into some kind of living situation somewhere outside of the radiation zone.
Those who were living or working closest to the Chernobyl plant later were examined from head to toe, and designated infected or not infected. Some were quarantined. Men, women and children went through the processes of medical checks, and those who were quarantined many times died from the effects of the radiation from the plant. Later the Ukrainian Authorities came up with a categorization module for those individuals who had been exposed to the radiation and close enough to feel it’s effects. These people were given financial compensation once a month. The Ukrainians still lost their homes, and way of life.
“Fukushima is very much the same way. It’s broken down and evacuated.”
This is about the time you may want to say, “Hey, wait a minute, that was a radiation problem.” yes it was. EMF is a type of radiation. It’s effects are much slower, much less at the same time, but exposure to it on a prolonged period of time can cause health problems, and eventually lead to something similar to radiation side effects.

Let me encourage you to do some research on Cellphone towers in neighborhoods, and the health effects around those communities. Electric towers, along with health effects involved with those who own solar panels. You’ll be surprised on what you find.

How do Shungite Benefits come into play here?

Shungite Fullerenes cannot stop the effects of a nuclear disaster, or protect you from harmful EMF radiation from an electrical tower. However, certain kinds of Shungite Fullerenes can neutralize much of the EMF you encounter during your every day life. It is rather suggested that if you live around a cellular phone tower, or an electric tower, that you do find a different area to live in. Many doctors can attest to the fact that these things do have subtle effects on health over an extended period of time. It’s very hard to diagnose the core problem of these effects in many cases, but when people who live near them move, they seem to have much better health.




5 Shungite Benefits

What can Shungite do for you? That is the biggest question that many people ask as they begin to look where they can buy it, or are curious about it.
The benefits of Shungite are tremendous for those who use it properly.

  1. Worn on a pendent, it can neutralize an EMF radiation and not allow it to enter the soft tissue of the body
  2. Enhance the growth of good cells in the body, as well as better brain function
  3. Not only purifies water, but the water you drink from Shungite purification helps all internal organs, and can cause the effect of calmness and reverse certain illnesses
  4. Effects the cerebral part of your brain by helping the production of endorphin's enabling the body to calm and relax in most situations. The emotional part of our brain is also touched by the effects of Shungite fullerenes, however if the emotional person doesn’t make a conscious decision to allow themselves to relax, then the Shungite elements will have no strong affect on that part of the human body.
  5. Shungite purified water can help in the adjusting of your DNA making it stronger, and more resilient to disease. If you are a transgender person taking shots which change certain muscles, and elements in your body, then taking Shungite may result in negative effects


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