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The Physical Properties of Shungite rock


The physical properties of pure Shungite mineral, or Shungite Rock are far different than other minerals in the earth.

How did Shungite form? Why is it only in a few parts of the world?

Since we’re just looking at the facts of Shungite, it’s time to clean the garbage out of everything else. There’s going to be no spiritual mumbo jumbo, or spirit summoning going on here in this article, (we’ll talk about that later). We’re going to examine the simplest form of proof that can be documented of what Shungite is, and what it is not.
Let’s look at this geographically, and physically through the evidence of science instead of the total spiritual aspect. Science is the one thing a person can rely on when needing proof that shows the function of all the claims made of the stone they call Shungite. That being said, let’s begin at the beginning.

Shungite Science

First, Shungite rock is a stone, and a mineral. There is an area where Shungite is mined as a hardened piece of land. It’s carbon base dates back to between 2.5 to 3 billion years ago. Shungite rock is found primarily in the areas of North West Russia, however it’s been known to have been found in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other smaller parts of the Asian side of the eastern continent. The place where it’s being mined is called Shunga. An area in North West Russia in the territory of North Karelia which boarders Finland. The mines however, are on the north edge of Lake Onega. They find the purest Shungite rock there.



The questions comes to mind, why only in these places is Shungite found, and how did it form? We’ll get back to that after a bit more explanation here.
Shungite scientific research has proven several things about Shungite. One of the strongest facts is that it has a carbon matrix named after Richard Buckminster Fuller. They’re called Fullerenes, or Buckyballs. Check this link on Wikipedia
The first types of most used carbons American Scientists learned about is the carbon in coal. They felt that it was the strongest carbon that existed, thus learned several ways to convert coal into energy. We’re still doing that today. Shungite research has found that the carbon in coal is far less developed than that of the Shungite carbon matrix. Think of the Shungite carbon matrix as a chain link fence rolled up into a tube. The carbon matrix in the Buckyballs have this very type of dense complicated shape under a strong microscope. Shungite scientific research has found that Shungite neutralizes all different kinds of harmful things that can hurt the body. Let’s look at their actual ability.

shungite rock


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