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Shungite necklace

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Why Should Everyone Have Shungite Ornaments in our Modern Digital World?

We use technological gadgets like computers, microwaves, TVs, and Smartphone on a daily basis. These gadgets make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, these gadgets emit electromagnetic radiations which can have adverse effects on our health in the long term.

Since these gadgets are necessities that we cannot live without, we have to look for ways of protecting ourselves from the harmful radiations. The major problem with these radiations is that they do not affect us immediately but gradually over time. If you want to remain healthy while still using these gadgets, then you have to look for a solution that will protect you from the EMFs.

Benefits of Wearing a Shungite Necklace

The areas of the neck are vulnerable than others when it comes to even daily activity. The bones in the neck are also the most fluid, and movable as a swivel. When they get damaged, movement can be restricted. Arthritis can set into the neck, as well as other problems can begin. Wearing a Shungite necklace can help relieve pain in time, as well as make improvements to nerve damage caused by sudden impact, and traumatic nerve paralysis in certain circumstances.

Shungite Necklaces can help to minimize the effects of these electromagnetic radiations on your health. Since they are worn close to the heart; they can promote the normal functioning of all body systems. It relieves stress, boosts productivity and enhances your learning capacity. Thus, wearing a shungite necklace will not only protect you from the harmful radiations but will make you look smart and fashionable. Shungite necklaces have incredible healing properties that you cannot afford to miss and will improve your psycho-emotional balance.

What type of Shungite is used to make necklaces?


shungite beads

Not all of types of shungite are used to make necklaces or bracelets. Regular shungite is usually used to make necklaces, bracelets, and pyramids because it can polish and shaped quickly than elite Shungite. Elite shungite cannot be used because it is very brittle and fragile. Polished shungite necklaces are shiny, deep black and attractive.

How do you Charge and Cleanse Your Shungite Necklace?


shungite necklaces cleansing

If you use your necklace repeatedly, then you need to recharge and clean it often. It will make your necklace more efficient and reliable. You need to wash your necklace in water and place it outside for 2 hours and expose it to direct sunlight.


Shungite Necklace vs. Pendant Benefits


shungite necklaces vs pendant

Shungite is a trendy accessory that you can add to your fashion collection. But it does not have more shungite content compared to the necklace. Therefore the necklace will offer more health benefits compared to the pendant.

What is the difference between a shungite necklace and shungite bracelet?


shungite necklaces vs bracelet

The only difference between the two is the amount of shungite content in them. Necklaces have a high concentration of shungite and thus are more recommended. But if the necklace beads do not match your lifestyle, then you can buy a bracelet.

How to Make Necklaces Using Shungite Beads


make shungite necklace

Fortunately, people can make these beautiful shungite necklaces on their own. All you need is to know where you will obtain the shungite beads at affordable prices. We stock various sizes of shungite beads including 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm respectively. Our beads are made of pure regular shungite to ensure that you get the maximum health benefits from them.

How to Use Shungite Healing Necklaces

Shungite healing necklaces are not worn every time as many people might think. It is advisable that you avoid wearing them always- you should start with an hour and increase the time gradually as you feel the effects. It is a great necklace that will keep aligning and balancing the EMF while protecting from its harmful effects.
It is a great asset to those who are in rehabilitation centers and hospitals. You can increase the wearing time gradually as long as it does not interfere with other medications. Wearing shungite necklaces can help you to regain your health.

Shungite necklace with beads 6 mm

Shungite necklace with beads 6 mm - $10.50

Shungite necklace with beads 8 mm

Shungite necklace with beads 8 mm - $10.50

Shungite necklace with beads 10 mm

Shungite necklace with beads 10 mm - $10.50

Shungite necklace with beads 12 mm

Shungite necklace with beads 12 mm - 12.75


Where to Buy Shungite Necklaces Online?

If you are thinking about buying a Shungite necklace online and don’t know where to start, then we will offer you quality necklaces that will suit your healing and fashion needs. We make all our ornaments using high quality shungite beads to ensure that you enjoy maximum benefits. There various sizes of Shungite therapeutic necklaces available in our store including 6, 8, 10 and 12mm respectively. If you want high-quality Shungite necklaces, then do not hesitate to visit our online store for more information.

Order your Shungite necklace from us today and enjoy its healing powers.



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