Shungite metaphysical properties



Shungite metaphysical properties


Spiritualism rises every time a new product with special elements comes to light. Different types of spiritualism will use different types of elements to enhance their goals, needs, or desires from a love potion to creating dis-contempt. Shungite metaphysical properties are elements only used for positive energy and can be extremely useful for all positive needs concerning healing, soothing nerves, and creating all sorts of positive energy. So far Shungite metaphysical properties can be used in offices, households, and work spaces, and all kinds of different areas where negative energy exists. This would give way to where Shungite metaphysical could possibly be justified. (We’ve written before about how negative energy has a frequency, as well as a rotation in motion and how it is repelled by positive energy. This is a proven fact.)

Shungite is sometimes called the "magical crystal" due to its unique metaphysical properties:


  • Assists one to be sensible while making them aspire to greater things.
  • Eliminates current fears that hinder you from achieving your full potential.
  • It helps sensitive people to understand inner language because of its higher dimension.
  • It evokes ancient memories that are connected with the Moon Goddess.
  • It is a catalyst for growth and positive energy.
  • It restores depleted energies using its curative properties.
  • Helps you to find wisdom and ideas to improve your future.
  • It balances conflicting energies that emerge when one moves to higher vibration rates.
  • It neutralizes the effects of geopathic stress.
  • It eliminates all toxins in your body because of its antioxidant properties.
  • Shield users from the harmful electromagnetic radiations that affect their health adversely in the long term.
  • It replaces any negative attitudes with positive energies to help users reach their full potential.
  • Shungite is used to purify water to make it safe for drinking.
  • Grounding Properties. Shungite can connect to the earth and transfer electrons to the ground.


Bordering on the edge of spiritualism, or an extraordinary belief and using Shungite metaphysical, let’s delve into the super theories of Shungite, shall we?




Meteors, and mystique are some of the ideas of where some think Shungite came from. How is this comparable to reality? It’s in the heart of Shungite. Energy many times is created by heat. A meteor traveling through the atmosphere at rates of speed from being propelled by an exploding planet, or star would have exceeded the speeds that are only known by true scientists. At some point while a meteor travels to the earth, it changes in physical form. The heat it generates from the static electricity from movement at such high speeds with the spinning force as it bursts through the earth’s atmosphere can be extreme. The heat produced from the decent can change the chemical properties of the primitive carbon structures inside the initial meteor into a super carbon entity. This can be the basis of Shungite metaphysical being used in different rituals or activities as a spiritual activity.

Just as warmth, and moisture can help mold grow, heat and moisture as well can normalize it on the earth, and can bring many more changes to its prior primitive form. Going with that theory, the question is: is there more out in space? Answer to date: “Unknown”.

Samples brought back from space to NASA are not completely discussed, as well as we do not know the kind of tests they do on this kind of research. There is also no way to take a piece of meteor, submit it to extreme heat, and let it age for 2.5 billion years in order to find out if this will produce a Shungite metaphysical properties presence (at least to our knowledge).

What is known is that it’s substantially believable to think that the metaphysical properties of Shungite came from a meteor, and not only a piece of rock formed on the earth because of the exclusive locations it’s been found in, as well as the elements of physical energy discovered in it.



Are we alone in the Universe? Are we being observed by a super entity? Was Shungite a gift from aliens?

Among the super indications out there in the information world of observers and fact finders, there are a huge number of theories. These theories contain many times unsubstantiated statements. I think it would be fair to say that if Shungite metaphysical exits among our so called “Universe Friends”, that they may know the value, and hope that we discover it as well. It could be seriously doubted that they would give the metaphysical properties of Shungite to the earth simply for the reason that every time an alien appears in the charts (if it should happen), they are taken away and questioned, autopsied, hidden from the public, and possibly other demeaning things done to them. Why in the UNIVERSE would they want to give us the gift of the Shungite? If aliens are observing the earth people, it’s no wonder why they stay far from the planet at a safe distance. Until some poor wandering star ship shimmers off course, and finds an unfortunate landing on the earth.

In a contrasting opinion, here is another link:
In short, as far as we’re concerned, Shungite and aliens have no connection.

You can make use of the above the metaphysical properties of Shungite to induce positive energy that can help you achieve your goals. It is a great stone that has amazing benefits to its users.


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