Shungite healing properties



Shungite healing properties


Shungite is a unique carbonaceous stone that is well known for its healing properties. People nowadays refer to it as a miracle or magical stone because of its numerous curative, protective and therapeutic properties that it has offered for several generations now. It is currently used to purify water in several fields including agriculture, chemical industries and spirituality amongst others. It has also been used to treat various ailments from the 18th century till now.


Top 8 healing properties of Shungite that you need to know

1. Antioxidant properties

It helps to protect your body from the adverse effects of free radicals and this is why it's often used in beauty and cosmetic medicine. This is because it contains fullerenes in its structure. This antioxidant property helps ensure that your immune system is functioning properly.

2. Neutralizing properties

Shungite is able to neutralize geopathic tension and stress, thus bringing healing properties to the human body and offering spiritual and physical healing to the user. All these properties make it a miracle stone to some users. It also allows users to achieve balance between their two sides of the body.

3. Protective properties

You can use it to ground electrical energy as it can be used to establish contact with the ground. This can help users to avoid short-circuiting that may have devastating effects on their health. Shungite also helps to minimize the effects of EMF radiations which are known to cause cancer.

4. Cleansing properties

The powerful antioxidant nature of Shungite helps to eliminate toxins in the human body. This helps your body to function efficiently and leaves you healthy.

5. Anti-Inflammatory properties

It helps fight inflammations in your body like helping you to recover faster from wounds or injuries. It helps patients to recuperate faster from injuries or after they are involved in accidents.

6. Anti-aging properties

It helps to rejuvenate skin and makes your skin to look more youthful and radiant. It can make your skin look younger even in your sunset years.

7. Calming Effect

Shungite is known to calm your nerves and can help you when you are stressed through its calming properties. And people are also using it for meditation purposes. It is known to suppress the production of stress hormone.

8. Energy Boosting feature

It helps to improve the overall energy that is needed by the human body to carry out its processes. It makes its users live healthy and productive throughout their lifetime.


How do fullerenes help in your immune system?

Shungite has a frequency. As explained earlier in this series of information articles. Shungite healing properties contain certain amounts of fullerenes that rotate in accordance with the body’s inertia frequency at a clockwise motion as from the axis of the center of the human body. All things have an frequency whether they be a negative or positive, they still have inert motion which produces it’s worth in your environment.

Everything in your body rotates or is in motion. This includes your immune system. As the frequency in Shungite adapts to your body’s motion, it turns in the same positive way. The fullerenes and carbon attributes work together with the body’s natural ability to defend against foreign substances and energies. Shungite healing properties enhance the body’s ability to fight negative energy, and substances.

positive shungite healing properties

A shungite pendant is a great way to keep certain things inside your body under a certain amount of control. When your body responds negatively to certain things like x-ray radiation, or a former injury to a lung, bone, or heart valve. Shungite doesn’t correct the problem totally, but releases positive energy flow including the Shungite healing properties to the parts of your body it is closest to thereby causes a certain relaxation from the stress in the affected areas at approximately a 5 inch circumference, and a few inches deep.

Many doctors these days are trained to be reactive. They are taught not to believe in the Shungite stone healing properties. This means that they only treat with what they can see works without further research. They try to sooth symptoms, or help heal what has been already damaged the body and allow the body to do the rest through the immune system. Shungite stone properties used properly, are a preventative measure to stop unforeseen happenings, and enhance the body’s immune system before there is a problem.

If your Shungite is not taken care of, the Shungite properties will be affected. So, learn how to care for, and revitalize your Shungite.


Are there misconceptions on what Shungite will and won’t do?

Here’s the tricky part of assuming Shungite will help. Think about Shungite healing as a help for your body’s positive energy. Positive energy helps the brain function. It helps the body motivate, and heals many things that seem to not be working well because Electra-magnetic fields constantly bombard your body because we are carbon based life forms which absorb them.

negative energy from cell phone

When the body somehow develops problems, sometimes cells convince the brain and body that they are natural, so that your system continues to feed the afflicted area with cells that are converted to damaging entities that constantly create a disturbance and still with their growth convince the brain that it is a natural growth that needs extra blood cells to live. In reality it may be a cancer, or lymphoma problem. It may be something that is happening with your blood. You may be taking extra shots because your status is transgender altering your body’s chemistry. Your body will undergo certain kinds of changes that are converting your body’s DNA for the opposite gender. These types of circumstances will need to be investigated before using any kind of Shungite for any reason.

The Shungite itself will have no idea it is a problem because your body doesn’t know. Consult your doctor if you have any health problems related to any kinds of cancer, or immune system problems causing problems with your health. Always consult a doctor if your health is an issue to make sure you’re not reversing something in your body that you first intended to change.

Shungite is widely known because of its protection and healing properties. It stimulates, prevents, restores or facilitates growth. It helps to promote emotional balance and removes negative thoughts and energies. It helps to protect from harmful EMF's from TVs, computers, cell towers, and Wi-Fi.



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