Protection from cellular radiation


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Protection from cellular radiation


The proposed plates for protection from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are made of unique natural material named SCHUNGITE. The only deposit of schungite is located in Karelia. People started using the biotropic healing properties of schungite over 300 years ago. In recent years, the interest to schungite in medical practice increased dramatically. This is explained by the fact the schungite properties are identical to those of fullerene with C60 molecules of spherical structure. The structure of fullerene with attached OH radicals makes this substance chemically active, which has determined its massive use in modern medicine.

The world is today penetrated by technogeneous electromagnetic radiation (EMR), individual frequency ranges of which are pathogenic for humans. Assessment of radioecology today confirms this sad fact. Especially hazardous is EMR from PC monitors, mobile phones, VHF radio stations, etc.

Many years of studies by the authors at the Laboratory of Biophysics of Fields and Radiations of SUE Research Institute of New Medical Technologies, as well as the results of similar researches in Russia and abroad showed that EMR of mobile communication with the frequency of about 1GHz (called Lamb in physics) affect central and vegetative nervous system, peripheral regulatory mechanisms, hematopoietic system, and may cause serious genetic changes that affect the reproductive function. One should remember that mobile phones emit not only in the talk mode, but in the standby mode as well, when exchanging signals with base stations.

In the experiments aimed at studying the effect of EMR on chicken embryo, out of 63 eggs, 47 embryos (75%) died, compared to the experiments where protection was used, where only 16% of embryos died.

The authors have performed a lot of work for studying the influence of EMR on blood composition. The results have been reported in 7 articles published in medical and other publications, and in 1 monograph. Application for invention No. 2003117793 has been submitted for the method of protecting human body from mobile phones radiation.

It has been proven that the specific structure of fullerene carbon in the structure of schungite substantially mitigates the pathogenic impact of EMR on the human body. Schungite protection from EMR is a 20402 mm plate placed in the phone cover, or attached to the back side of the phone.

With a schungite plate, you will significantly reduce the harm caused by cellular EMR.


Director of the Institute of New Medical Technologies, Honored Scientist of the RF, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, academician of RANS /signature/ A.A. Khadartsev

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Research Institute of New Medical Technologies


Deputy Director of the Research Institute in Science, Honored Scientist of the RF,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor,
Academician of RANS /signature/ A.A. Yashin

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