EMF protection



EMF protection


When you live near electric towers, cell phone towers, or anything that produces electrical signals, or interference from time to time, you could be living near a death trap. Why? It’s because places like these produce electromagnetic frequencies, and signals that are invisible to the human eye, but are absorbed in the body much like radiation. In many cases, it acts like a very slow radiation that invades the body and slowly destroys body cells, and immune system. This can cause slow but definite problems in your body. Shungite Stone has been found to naturalize these problems to a certain extent.

Surface skin problems can happen to anyone. Excessive exposure to the sun can bring sunburn, but excessive repeated exposure from the sun can bring, or begin skin cancer. If you are near electrical towers, or cell phone towers, these problems may begin to be worse than a normal case. The electromagnetic frequencies, and waves can penetrate through your house walls, and then the skin creating the loss of your healthy immune system which also allows diseases to take hold beginning slowly at first. They can progress as your immune system fails little by little.


What can be worse, a doctor may see this as an age process problem that can’t be improved thus misdiagnosing the full problem. His lack of understanding of what is actually happening in your home atmosphere, and his complete focus on only medical problems in the human body will only tell him certain things. It’s up to us to understand how our body works, and what can help it thrive in today’s world. If you live in such a place, and can not move away, take extra care with a few Shungite pyramids that can neutralize and control some of the frequency interaction with your body. Shungite health benefits begin when you begin placing Shungite in places where you’re exposed to these negative frequencies the most.


Erin Brochovich entered the fight of her life when she battled corporations over their greed for money while people died from the effects of the water coming from their plants. It as well was a slow process from the toxins in the water. Because of the politics, and city support of the water companies, but she won the suit and improved the living standards of many.

The best thing you can do about electric towers is to move away from them. When you find yourself going to the doctor regularly, or having constant health problems, look around and see how close your proximity is to cell phone towers. The frequencies can reach up to 5 miles away. Your Shungite stone can only protect you if you understand how the frequencies are affecting your body, and in what areas they are in relation to where you live. This means that the closer you live within that 5 miles, the more frequent problems you could have with your health. The obvious suggestion is that you find a way to move out from that area. But until then, what do you do to somehow balance some of the effects?

While these frequencies create disturbances in your body’s natural ability to keep itself healthy, they also penetrate your house’s roof, and walls. Keeping safe from these invisible frequencies and waves can be a challenge. Shungite stone is one answer.

How do I avoid these dangers?

A suggestion is to look into Shungite stone. Shungite is really a source of neutralizing elements for these and other types of harmful and unnatural occurrences in your environment. While the carbon matrix is high, it neutralizes the atmosphere and negative frequencies, and can even bring healing to affected rooms in your home that have been penetrated by these EMF radiations creating a health disturbance in your home.


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