How to cleanse shungite



How to cleanse shungite


Shungite has negative effects if you go too long without cleansing it


Why does a person do car maintenance? Why do firemen clean their equipment? Why are there so many things we clean and maintain so that they work properly?

There is health insurance for pets, you spay and neutralize so they don’t have babies, and they are more healthy. You find special foods for your pets, and above all you make sure they have a favorite toy because you want them to be happy.
What happens when we don’t take care of things that we love? They can break irreparably.

The answer is very practical, if we don’t care for things, there would be problems later that we had been too lazy, or didn’t take care of before they happen. The other answer is usually preventable, if we are diligent enough to take care of a problem before it begins. This is the same with our Shungite.

Care of the healing properties of Shungite can mean the difference between it working properly, or it being so overwhelmed with electromagnetic energy that it is totally full and puts the negative energy back into our system, or atmosphere that it has taken out of it for such a long time.

In simpler terms, when you wear your Shungite for too long periods of time, and do not cleanse your Shungite properly, the healing properties of Shungite are not allowed to work. It can give you back negative energies because it is too full of all the negative energy it’s been protecting you from.

The solution is simple. In order to keep the healing properties of Shungite active, clean your Shungite every week, or at least once a month.


Warm water and soap work wonders with it.


Let it dry under a moon light, or in natural sun so that it can soak up the natural energy from the sun and help the negative energy dissipate from the stone for at least 2 hours.

If you use a moon light, let it stay under that light for at least 5 hours to be sure that all negative energy has had a chance to leave the stone.


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