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Shungite plate for cell phone - $2.10


Did you know that...

shungite is also called shungit, schungit and shieldite


Shungite beads

shungite bead

Beads made from Shungite are stylish, and used with the right combination of clothing, can be attractive with almost anything. Shungite beads can be in necklace or bracelet form. The use of these is different as for the variety of what is needed besides style.

As long as we are mentioning bracelets, we need to pay special attention to earrings as well. These are a powerful statement maker in the fashion world that are totally admired, and noted by others. The little secret is that while the Shungite is connected with your ear, they give off energy to the most needed places in your ear function, as well as a great protector against cell phone damage.

As Chinese medicine has already figured out, the ear has an amazing map of nerves, and control centers that the western world is many times overlooking. However, the value of a Shungite earring can be startling if it’s worn with the kind of fixture that allows it to keep a connection to the skin.

Shungite earrings can constantly be sending properties to and through your nerve centers and brain that actually could intensify your experience, in everything you do and hear. This is where it can increase your sexual stamina the most, as well as your total brain function.

There are studies being conducted now where Shungite may help open the unused parts of the brain to increase human ability.


shungite beads

Polished shungite bead without hole 10 mm - $0.40

Polished shungite bead with hole

6 mm - $0.65

8 mm - $0.5

10 mm - $0.6

12 mm - $0.7

shungite bracelet 10 mm

Unpolished shungite bead without hole 10 mm - $0.30

Unpolished shungite bead witht hole 10 mm - $0.50


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