Shungite beads


Shungite beads

shungite bead

Beads made from Shungite are stylish, and used with the right combination of clothing, can be attractive with almost anything. These beads are available in various sizes and shapes, but they will allow you to create compelling and beautiful items based on your preferences.

Due to the curative and protective characteristics of shungite, the ornaments made will block any negative energy and allow only the positive one to enter your body. The ornaments will shield you from the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation. They will help to balance your root chakra and thus bring stability in your life.

There are countless benefits that you can enjoy when you use beads made from shungite to make ornaments as listed below:

  • the beads will protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations,
  • you will enjoy their amazing healing properties,
  • they neutralize geopathic stress that comes from stressful work environments,
  • the beads can be used to purify water,
  • they are used for massaging feet,
  • the beads will protect you from negative emotions that may have a negative impact on your productivity.


What type of Shungite is used to make shungite beads?

shungite bead

Regular shungite is used to make beads because it can easily be shaped. Elite shungite is very brittle and thus cannot be used to make the beads.


What is the difference between the polished and unpolished beads?

shungite bead

Both polished and unpolished beads are similar regarding their efficiency, but they only differ in their appearance. Polished beads have a shiny black color that is attractive. Unpolished beads, on the other hand, are not that attractive and are likely to leave a black residue.

Polished shungite beads with holes are normally used to make jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets amongst others.


shungite beads wholesale


Polished and unpolished Shungite bead without holes and their Feet massage benefits

Beads without holes are most used by people to massage their feet. They will help your feet to relax, and you feel rejuvenated after walking for long distances during the day. Unpolished beads are also used for this purpose but they always make your feet black. It is ok because shungite powder has healing effects too.

All you have to do is to put the beads in a box, trample them for around 10 minutes and then wash your feet. This is a type of stone therapy that will leave your feet refreshed and healthy.

shungite beads

Polished shungite bead without hole 10 mm - $0.40

Polished shungite bead with hole

6 mm - $0.65

8 mm - $0.5

10 mm - $0.6

12 mm - $0.7

shungite bracelet 10 mm

Unpolished shungite bead without hole 10 mm - $0.30

Unpolished shungite bead witht hole 10 mm - $0.50


Why should you buy Shungite Beads from Us?

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