Shungite amino acids, and Hydrocarbons in your Health



Shungite amino acids, and Hydrocarbons in your Health


Looking at amino acids in Shungite mineral having health benefits

This website on Amino Acids in Shungite, says:
Research shows that the concentration of amino acids found in the shungite rock showed that they vary between the ranges of 25-89 g/g but that will depend on the components of the mineral andshungite tested. It was found out that the amino acids had a high concentration of L-enantiomers. These amino acids formed complexes with aluminosilicates and silica that are built in the Shungite's globular structure.

Amino acids were found in the Precambrian rocks of Karelia. Theresearch was carried out to develop ways of preserving these acidsduring their geological time. Organic matter was also present inthese rocks. The various sources of these acids in shungite includesecondary synthesis, original acids found in the organic matter andmicrobial pollution. These acids are dominated by alanine andglycerine in the Precambrian rocks.

They say that Shungite mineral came to the earth's surface 2.3 billion years ago through a meteorite. Certain evidence supports that it came from volcano activity pushing the Shungite mineral up to the surface of the earth, and as it cooled slowly beginning from the top to the bottom consequently, Shungite was born. If that's true, then Shungite can be found in the areas of other common types of volcanoes.

Think of it as if the earth has acne. Molten lava that pushes up to the earths surface seeks the least resistant points to push up. The Karelian areas of North West Russia happens to be one of the major areas. Lake Onega at the time was possibly an area of a susceptible least resistance being that it may have been full of swamp and soft ground deep enough to be an acceptable doorway for release of the molten lava.

L-enantiomers form an organomineral "type" of matrix with silica and aluminosilicates that work together with the Shungite structure, and certain kinds of hydrocarbons inside the stone. Many different sources with amino acids in Shungite mineral are good for the body. This could be the reason many people think that Shungite is the "Fountain of Youth" answer to the ever asked question: Do you want to live forever?


Shungite Amino Acids work on the binding structure of your DNA keeping the DNA in place

and repairing the internal changes needed for proper functionality.


Amino acids are a sort of smart bomb for the bad things in your body giving your immune system a real boost. Used in the right concentration, amino acids are a good part of your daily needs.
The amino acids are what builds, or rebuilds the structure of DNA in the body. As we get older, our DNA structure changes and grows older, and changes our body as we age. Keeping a balance of vitamins, and minerals is key to being healthy and a dose of Shungite (not ever internally) is part of the better steps to stay in line with health.

For transgender individuals that undergo hormonal injections, it's not a good idea to use Shungite because of the conflict of DNA correction the amino acids will have on their bodies because the shots contain elements that tear down the original structure of their current DNA, and restructure it with different false or negative elements that convert the body into thinking it has changed gender. (Think of it as birth control pills telling the body and brain that it's already pregnant.)

Hydrocarbons in the Shungite mineral can be transferred to your body through contact of various different methods, do exactly what they might do for water. They control to a degree, and help to eliminate things like viruses in the body that may be harmful in the long run. (These viruses could be referred to as sleeper viruses. These harmful elements wait until the immune system is weak enough that the body cannot fight off negative influences in the area they are and begin to attack the body from that point. Shungite is the counter balance of that kind of bad element, usually finding the opportunity to attack the body in older aged individuals. ) Viruses effect the immune system while the complex matrix in Shungite counter's those effects and brings positive healing energy to the effected areas.


What are the methods of transferal?

Simply put, any object like Shungite bracelets, necklace, pendent, waist belt, pad, cylinders, powder, even cubes, and other variations of Shungite used on the body will help the transferal.

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