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Hit of Sales


Shungite plate for cell phone - $2.10


Did you know that...

shungite is also called shungit, schungit and shieldite


Products from Shungite

We are proud to offer you a great selection of products from natural Shungite which are created in Karelia.

Having Shungite to help your health is a good thing. The benefits of Shungite are wide-spread. It helps you stay away from viruses, and keep your water purer. In using Shungite on a daily basis with its many uses, its possible to live a healthy and invigorating life.

The minerals in Shungite have been discussed in other pages. With the fullerenes, and rest of the other carbon properties, it is a powerful way to protect yourself from unnatural negative properties.

Our products say a lot about our offers, as well as the other way around. Our offers include:


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