Shungite Pendants


Shungite Pendant

Will help you:

  • Protect from geopathic events

  • Neutralize electromagnetic waves

  • Stabilize blood pressure

  • Correct energy processes

  • Recharge and to keep vitality in the human body

Jewelry and different items from Shungite are not only attractive, kinds of Stone Therapies that have been known as ancient healing arts that were recently rediscovered. Shungite stone is an item that by giving its electromagnetic energy and Mother Earth healing power to you, will virtually ‘feed' the person using it. It brings on relaxation that allows balance and alleviation of chronic and acute problems. It improves  the work of lymphatic and immune systems, normalizes blood pressure and body functions, and assists your body in self healing. It also affects the sensory system which stimulates production of good endorphins that bring a sense of well-being.

Shungite jewelry and other products improve your health while you enjoy beautifully looking jewelry at the same time!



Shungite Pendant Circle in circle

Pendant "Circle in circle" - $3.60



Shungite Pendant Yin Yang

Pendant "Yin-Yang" - $3.60


Shungite Pendant Circle

Pendant "Circle" - $2.60


Shungite Pendant Fantasy

Pendant "Fantasy" - $2.60


Shungite Pendant Oval cut

Pendant "Oval cut" - $2.60


Shungite Pendant Triangle

Pendant "Triangle" - $2.60


Shungite Pendant Trapeze

Pendant "Trapeze" - $3.10

Shungite keychain Trapeze

Keichain "Trapeze" - $3.10

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