What the users are saying about Shungite


"I love my purchases! I feel better overall since wearing my necklace and using the harmonizers."

Harriett Broughton

"I don't have a device for measuring emf's, I wish I did, but I feel more centered and calm since placing shungite in the environment. I also use it on my cell phone and in my car. I think it can amplify the beneficial properties of other minerals that I collect and use. I keep it in my frog tank and the water stays clearer. My frogs are twenty years old! I like to place it in vases to energize the water for plants and I ripen fruit on the tiles."

Elizabeth Hess

"I am happy with all my shungite. I recently was teaching a class in an area surrounded by large phone antennas, wif's etc.
I had shungite in the room all the time. It was a very harmonious experience, which is not always the case.
Coincidence????? I think not. I cannot imagine not having shungite around."

Harvey Burns

"The water conditioner is excellent and I have recommended it to many people. The water has increased my vitality and effected my mental health in a very positive way."

Wm. Arman

"I like .better life healty.lots of healty problème solve off all m'y familie and frend (cancer .psoriasis. Back headack.sciatick nerf.uterus problème). And many many more im gone to put storie on m'y Web site"

Claude Tremblay

"I love love love every purchase I make and it has improved the energy in my home, the health of myself and my animals and friends. I love it"


"We had winter colds - I made some Shingite water and had relief right a way! People in the office were sick for weeks & I got rid of mine in less than a week! My mom had operations on her hands for carpel tunnel- she also takes a blood thinner so she bruises very easily. I put the shungite paste on them and her bruising was noticeably diminished. She was so happy as she saw this as proof her hands were also healing. They are getting better and better. She too is excited to receive our shingite rocks so she can drink the water."


"When I opened the box I felt the energy! I love the 100mm pyramid next to my computer equipment, and use the jewelry, keep some by my bedside. I am ordering a sphere to use next to my TV. I am also getting some pieces for gifts."

Barbara Laslett

"Helped clean my store and home!"

Karina Belkin

"I used the powder for a while, noticed beneficial effects. I then stopped using it for a while to see if there was a difference. I have begun to use it again."


"Many helps me stay grounded helps me go to sleep helps me get hydrated when I place shungite in water to turn it into a crystalline structure."


"Because of its protective energies it calms and relaxes me do that I can give good readings to people."

Wendy Stratuliak

"Pleased with the quality of the shungite powder - has formed a vital part of my product - and also pleased with the tumblestones which I use when travelling, especially at airports. The pyramid was to help in our car - which it might do, but is not adequate in the face of bluetooth etc. that we aren't able to switch off. More work will be needed. We will maybe supply shungite stones alongside our products. Another observation is that elite shungite that we find in shops here doesn't feel anywhere near as good as the tumblestones (black) we had from you."

Simon Fox

"I thought that the pictures online looked very nice and I was concerned that the stones themselves wouldn't be as quality once they arrived, but I was wrong! The different stones and pyramids arrived nicely packaged and undamaged. Everything was beautiful and intact. They were actually better quality than I was expecting!!! I no longer have any issues being on my phone or iPad or any electrical devices. I can use them for hours and feel fine! I also have a shungite pyramid in my car and it seems to help block negative energy while I am driving. I do not get as frustrated and stay more relaxed now. I also love the necklaces! My employees wear them everyday because they to feel it helps them stay calm and at ease."

Dana Rankin

"It got very positive effects water changes of flavor is much good and since I put the pyramid near the pc I do not have headaches. when I use the pendant I have a lot more energy and I tried to treat the painful symptoms with excellent results."


"I like my purchases. It's only weeks since I am using the shungite water and it seems that I have more energy."

Fred Kyburz

"I love the way shungite affects water. I used it for a few months and then one day I took my drinking bottle with shungite water to a friends house. I used the shungite water to make tea. When I poured the old water out of my friends kettle and then put the shungite water in I was shocked at how different the shungite water was compared to the normal water."


"I like my necklass, and pyramid. I feel better when I wear the pendants."


"I love my purchase!!! It has greatly impoved my overall life quality, I have much less stress, better sleep, it protects my home, my family, my health where I can't, there is nothing more important than being protected by Mother Nature, who has all the instruments for healing."

Diana Korik

"Makes me feel that I am living in a healthier, freer and more benevolent environment."

Oliver Clark

"I wear a Shungite necklace and I feel very good wearing it. I miss it when I am not wearing it!"

Melissa Holloway

"I have not suffered more anxiety attacks. I am very much attached to this stone."


"I have been using Shungite to purify my water and I can feel a difference in my body. I also have Shungite near my electronics and place my cell phone on a tile when I am at home. I am finding I am sleeping better and feeling less fatigue."

Annette Gingras

"I drink shungite structures water every day. Healthy effect."

Lars Oedegaard

"I have been very happy with the items I purchased. I think they do help me to not be as affected by EMF's by the computer, and even in the kitchen with the refrigerator nearby (a large source of EMF's). It also helps me during long phone calls on a landline phone, to hold a flat Shungite plate next to the receiver, so I'm not nearly as affected.
My hair has improved remarkably, with better texture & curl, while not requiring such frequent washing. My skin has improved too.
Last, my houseplants love being watered with Shungite water. They're healthier, even in the middle of winter."

Ellen Whooley



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