Carpet and belt


Carpet and belt with shungite

The Shungite carpet and belt are used to balance the energy field in applied zones. They’re filled with small Shungite stones.

Its recommended to apply them at osteochondrosis, radiculitis, a cholecystitis and at cardiovascular areas where diseases like these are present. It is effective if used in areas of the ovaries releasing sexual frustration, in areas where there are diseases of the gastrointestinal path, with allergic diseases, as well as hemorrhoids, and many other diseases.

The Shungite carpet and belt can be used at the necessary places of the person’s body for 20-40 minutes, several times per day. A carpet can be placed on a chair or a autoseat.

They are completely harmless and don’t cause addiction for people with sharp intimate diseases (a heart attack, or a Stenocardia), suffering high degrees of hypertension, infectious diseases, and to pregnant women on late terms. Before application, it is necessary to consult with your physician.

NOTE: Please Don't use with light or white clothing.

Shungite carpet and belt with real shungite crystal render highly effective medical influences on the body.

Carpet square with shungite

Carpet square with Shungite - $16.23


Belt with shungite

Belt with Shungite - $20.40


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