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fullerenes (c60)


Shungite is the 21st century medicine

Shungite (it's also called shungit, schungit, shieldite) is unique in the world as a natural mineral containing fullerenes (opened in 1985). It's a special type of the molecular form of carbon. The importance of the finding of fullerenes, is spoken about when the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, in 9 October 1996 had decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Professor Robert F. Curl, Jr., Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto and Professor Richard E.Smalley for their discovery of fullerenes.

The chemical compound of Shungit is:

Carbon: 20 - 95 %
Silicon: 5 - 60
Aluminium: up to 4 %
Iron of: 3.5 %
Magnesium: up to 3.5 %
Kaliy: up to 12 %
Sulfur: up to 1.2 %
Calcium: up to 0.58 %
Phosphorus: up to 0.34 %, and many other macroelements as well as trace other types of element.

Scientists that investigated Shungite have declared unanimously, that it is a miracle mineral! This stone eliminates and absorbs all that imposes a hazard on people, and living beings, but concentrates and restores to the human body.

The Shungit pyramid is a revolutionary shielding device for harmful electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones and other creations of modern civilization.

Peter the 1st named the well-known first Russian resort as Marsial waters. The resort water gets it's curative properties by passing through the thickness of Shungite crust layers. The Shungite water helps the body's struggle with various illnesses: the general conditions improve, nervous pressure is removed, and the inflow of energy is regulated. It can be applied in different ways to obtain a steady remission of some chronic diseases from gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and metabolic processes. With the help of the Shungit water, skin diseases are cured much more easily and water sprinkled on the head decreases falling loss of hair. Your hair can look resilient and healthy looking. Your face skin can rejuvenate, wrinkles will smooth, and skin elasticity restores.

Many times, the most important thing for us to realize is that people living under constant stress, strain and unfavorable ecological conditions is the regeneration characteristics of the Shungit, which restore vitality in the human body. Shungite relieves headaches, backaches, rheumatism, removes neuralgic states, normalizes sleep, stabilizes blood pressure, clears respiratory tract, increases all activity, as well as sexual activity.

Numerous investigations of the unique properties of Shungite allow it to be rightfully named as a of the medicine of the 21st century.

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